It has been more than a year since I wrote my blog – UmarketMe. To be candid I had one key priority on my plate: Graduating MBA from University of Connecticut. My graduate work and independent research kept me committed to the task at hand. A lot had happened between my first blog and now: Verizon security breach, Target security breach, Dropbox security breach and many more. You name it; the odds are the company might have suffered a breach.

What went wrong? It used to be FUN! Businesses produced goods and provide services; consumers bought the goods and services by paying the mighty dollar for it. What changed? Businesses still produce goods and services; consumers are still buying the goods and services by SWIPING the mighty card! Swiping the card is much easier than seeing the mighty Benjamin disappear from my wallet. It is truly a good thing. Businesses started to collect data from the consumer swipathon and started to analyze the data in order to better serve its consumers. After all, consumers market the businesses NOT the other way round.

As one can see, we have come a long way since we abbreviated our “world”: www. Businesses were surging and slumping whilst consumers were splurging and saving. During this rollercoaster ride two key things were forgotten:

  1. Data is increasing, so is the security risk.
  2. Human mind is capable of coding as well as hacking.

My initial thought to this Serial Security Breach was:

Businesses need to upgrade its hardware and software, invest in a team to discuss several possible cyber attack that might happen to its company, collide with other Businesses (Bipartisan Business Relationship) to create a security measure that can’t be infiltrated by any hackers and many more thoughts flooded my mind.

Now, do these thoughts have practicability? YES! Are these thoughts easy to implement? YES!

Then why Businesses are not taking any preventive actions to avoid Data breach?

My bet:

  1. Too focused on short-term investment:Too much money for something that might or might not happen.
  2. Playing the Odds:Just because it is happening to all the businesses, doesn’t mean it will happen to my business. After all, nothing had happened to me thus far… What are the Odds?

News Flash! Security Breach happens to anyone who has an online presence. The end.

Businesses often forget the core purpose of its survival – Consumers.

                                                      NO CONSUMERS, NO BUSINESS.

Businesses are built on trust. If consumers can’t trust an Organization, they won’t think twice to dump the business.

Well, that’s no FUN….



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