Lakshmi (Lux)
NewYork, NY

Bio: My name is Lakshmi and I am baffled about how “Ignorance is Bliss” is being interpreted. One interpretation that caught my attention was: “if you do not know about a problem or an unpleasant fact, you don’t worry about it.” Sadly, this attitude exists among most of us. For instance, ignorance among consumers and businesses is squeezing the wallet, balance sheet, and the economy. Ignorance is NOT a Bliss; eating chocolate is bliss, drenching in rain and eating ice cream is a true bliss and most of all sipping margarita on an island surrounded by nature is an ultimate bliss – but Ignorance is NOT. I choose to create the blog UmarketMe to stress couple of key information to Corporations and Consumers respectively: 1. U can’t bank on consumers’ ignorance. 2. U can’t afford to be ignorant. Ever since our first trade simple economics concepts were always in play: Demand and Supply; Organizations ought to remember this concept in a slightly deconstructed manner: U (consumers) market Me (Corporations) and it is (and never will be) the other way around. UmarketMe – Future begins NOW, is a blog that will act as an intermediary between Corporations and Consumers. It will do so by creating awareness to both the parties, in the areas such as consumer intelligence, data – its benefits and intricacies, benefits of effective (and sometimes open) communication, prior research (quality Vs. Value) before consuming anything and everything that is available under the sky and most of all the importance of the bottom line (for consumers as well as Corporations). The long-term purpose of UmarketMe – Future begins NOW, is to see a day free of Consumer Ignorance and Corporate Ignorance with a sustainable and healthy Capital markets.

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