YOU Market ME

It is the 21st century; we are in a digital era! It is not about selling our products anymore. It is all about selling our “true self” to our customers.

It is Business, and it is all about the bottom line, you say?

Think again. First and foremost we are humans. We play the role of a mother, father, businessman/businesswoman, and many more.

Philosophical ranting? No.

The point is: In this fast paced era, we as humans are becoming very isolated from one another. We crave to be cared at a deeper level. We crave for empathy – customers expect the business to understand them at a deeper level.

Let us all imagine for a moment where customers are  holding a sign, that says

“We are not for Sale”

As a business student, this sign will shock me. But, as an aspiring marketing professional the mentioned sign will make me think. How?

Customers define us. The end.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the new era of Business where we embrace the exponential growth of digital advancement, but we are on the verge of forgetting who is our real bottom line.

In this blog I would choose feed my curiosity in search of not my inner self, but the inner self of our customers. I choose to embark on a journey to visualize the future of marketing.